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Renovating your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home Bathroom renovations offer the second highest financial payback rate and are one of the most common home improvement projects. If you are remodeling an existing bathroom and are restricted to the physical size of the room, you may be able to work wonders. A new Granite or Marble vanity top can redefine your space and add a completely new feel to your bathroom. Whether you are keeping your current cabinetry or installing new cabinets, Yarrabee can install a new stone vanity top to accent your bathroom decor.
vanity Countertops and vanity tops are meant to be decorative and prestigious, but they also need to be durable. Marble is an excellent choice for vanities because of its natural "spa" look. It can bring a clean monochromatic look to any bathroom, in a honed (matte) finish or gloss finish.

In the bathroom, an area characterized by moisture, a dense material like granite will serve you well as a vanity top. A granite vanity top, made from one of the hardest and most compacted stones in the world, can be counted on for durability and long-lasting utility. Granite is one of the most attractive additions to consider for any home or office setting. Both finishes will look great and add dimension to your vanity.

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