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Granite Counter Tops for Your Kitchen or Bathroom
June 26th, 2009

Granite Counter Tops for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

Author: Jhoana Cooper

When you are all set to do some kitchen modeling, you may like to replace the cupboards, counter tops and do a hardwood floor install. If you begin to look for granite counter tops you will find that there are several colors to choose from. You will definitely find a counter top of the right style and color that will suit your requirements in the limited kitchen space that you might have.

People select granite counter tops for their homes for several reasons. Some home owners look at it as a way to impress their guests while others prefer the ruggedness and long life that it promises. Granite is one of the oldest kinds of rocks available and is also one of the hardest as compared to others of similar quality. People normally opt for granite counter tops as they give the home owner good value for money. Although granite counter tops can be expensive, they are highly recommended if you are in the process of kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling. There are a huge variety of colors you can choose from most of which get created due to the minerals present in a particular segment of granite.

Then again the granite colors may change once they are polished and finished so you should bear this in mind while selecting your color if you are looking at raw granite. Hence it is better to ask the granite expert to show you the colors that will result after the granite counter top has been built and polished. You should decide on the color depending on where it will go and what the color theme there is. Most people opt for brown or white for the kitchen as these are the two chief colors that coordinate well with the cupboards and kitchen appliances. But looking at samples which are already finished could help you make a better decision. There are plenty other granite counter top colors ranging from green, blue, black, brown, beige, red, white, etc. You will surely find the perfect match for your kitchen or bathroom. They even cut it out as per the shape that you would like to have.

Hardwood floor installs can be performed by using one of several methods of installation which include gluing down, stapling down, nailing down or floating. Floors which are solid and about an inch thick may be kept down by nailing or the simpler method of stapling. Thin flooring makes use of adapters.

Before you begin a Hardwood floor install, make sure you read the directions given by the manufacturer so that you use the correct tools and procedures. In the glue down method, the hardwood floor is glued over the sub-floor or concrete slabs which are dry and have been cured. This method is normally used for engineered hardwood floors or parquet. If you are using sturdy wooden plank or sturdy wooden strip floors, the best methods you could use are nail-down and staple-down.

Floating is yet another fast and simple method you can use for a hardwood floor install. A thin padding is put in place between the hardwood floor and the sub-floor. This cuts out the noise and safeguards the hardwood floor from moisture. Only the tongues and grooves of the planks are stuck together. This method is normally used for floors which have long strips.

The flooring must be acclimatized to the room where it will be setup. If it2019s a damp season when you are doing a hardwood floor install, store the wood indoors for at least three days. In summer, it is okay to keep it in the garage.

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Are you in the process of kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling? Check out the granite counter tops here, there are several colors to choose from and shapes as well. And while you2019re at it, take a peek at the hardwood floor installs too.

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