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Granite is still the KING! here's why:
July 15th, 2008

kitchenTo understand why granite has become so popular and sought after in the kitchen and workplace, we at Yarrabee want to help you understand what this amazing stone is all about.

Granite is an igneous rock that forms at great depths and pressures under continents. What is an igneous rock? The basic answer to that is; it came from lava, volcanic action if you will. It’s the fusion of a multitude of melted stones of various textures and colors after the lava melts. The word granite comes from the Latin word granum, or in plain English; a grain, referring to the coarse-grained structure and appearance. Although many types of granite appear to be the same colour and pattern structure in slab form, each stone is a unique masterpiece, with its own character.

How do you see granite in its original state, you ask? In its raw form granite can be seen above ground as rugged mountain ranges, like the Canadian Rockies.  How old is granite? Granite has been formed and continues to be formed, through all the geological periods. Where can it be found in the World?

Granite is widely found throughout the continental crust of the Earth and is the most abundant basement rock that underlines the sedimentary rock veneer of the continents (where limestone’s and marbles are found, a story for another day).

What colours is Granite available in? Granite comes in the most fascinating colours from iridescent blues to striking reds! While patterns and colours change from area to area of the world, patterns can be as peaceful as a river bottom to as dramatic as a volcano! Where is granite used? Granite is and can be used in a multitude of applications, with the most celebrated form being countertops along with flooring and wall tiles in public and commercial buildings.

Typically granite in the kitchen was the choice of the affluent. With advances in technology and fabrication methods in the last decade, granite is now an option for even the first time buyer! Yarrabee has invested in some of the world’s finest laser guided machinery from Italy, coupled with highly skilled craftsmen, the quality of Yarrabee countertops are superior to those of even a decade ago! Take a tour of the Yarrabee factory today and learn all there is to know about this fascinating stone and how these brilliant countertops are produced.


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