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Where to spend & where to save on your kitchen...
July 4th, 2008

Kitchens are definitely the heartbeat of any home. The place where families get together daily, make plans for the weekend and where the next vacation will be. With that in mind, it should be a relaxing, functional and comfortable place to host the simplest to the most extravagant get-together. With a limited budget and hundreds of extravagant options, where do you conserve and where do you splurge? Lets breakout some of the different high-ticket components of the kitchen for consideration.


In this day and age, appliances are so similar looking and vault reliable, with sleek stainless steel finishing, sealed gas burners, convection ovens, etc. The options go on and on. The best thing to do here is; determine the options you require and enjoy, compare models with similar options and hunt down your best deal. Don’t pay for options you will not likely use! A rotisserie in your oven, a television on your fridge, great ideas, but will you ever use them? Save your money, you’ll need it for the other hundred items that will have to be changed.


Wow, this is one place that prices can fluctuate heavily! With similar hardware, mdf boxed cabinetry and similar painted solid-maple doors that are antiqued finish, I’ve seen the prices of cabinets differ up to 300 percent! Imagine what one   company   tells   you   is
$15,000.00, another says is $45,000.00 absolutely amazing movement in pricing in the cabinetry world. Word of advice, negotiate the best deal for the company with the best references. Try and find out how far behind schedule they are; most of the reputable cabinetry companies are swamped these days and 3-8 weeks delays have become commonplace. A design thought in selecting your cabinetry? Consider if you had to see those cabinets everyday for ten years, do you still love how they look? If yes, great choice! If not, consider a style that you find timelessly attractive.


This is the one area of the house that you will probably look at the longest. Here you will prepare meals, your future plans, sit for breakfast, and make a toast to the New Year with your close friends. This countertop material should reflect the owner’s tastes and tie all the colours of the kitchen together, harmoniously. The most popular choice is of course, granite. With hundreds of colours to choose from, special time should be set aside to select this romantic material, that is the backdrop to many happy times. Although there are a few different price categories to choose from, when selecting this material, the right stone is more important then the lowest priced granite countertop; so get your best deal on the most spectacular stone and get what’s right for your home. There are many other countertop materials, but virtually all are a dim comparison to the greatness of granite.


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