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Which stone should I pick for my kitchen or bathroom?
June 9th, 2008

bathOh the choices!!! The world of natural stone is fascinating indeed. You could search the whole world over and never find the exact same stone, similar maybe but all granites, marbles and slates are unique. Here is a quick overview to help you select the perfect stone for your dream kitchen or bathroom countertop.

The undeniable, ‘hands down’, popularity winner!  The most fascinating of all the world’s stones; granite offers the most captivating characteristics that can defy our imagination. Incredibly strong in nature, and if not abused, this stone will outlive the house it is installed in. Under close observation small pits may be seen, that are characteristic of this volcanically formed stone. Never as perfect as plastic or man-made quartz countertops, but the celebration of this stone is in its unmistakably natural appearance! A winner for re-sale and long-term enjoyment, granite is mid-ranged price and higher, which makes it affordable to even first-time homeowners. The honed versions of granite may not be a great choice for the kitchen, so discuss your thoughts with a qualified natural stone countertop professional. Granite should be sealed every 12-18 months with a natural food-grade sealant.

Marble and Limestone…
Used for centuries as countertop material, marble, which is a limestone, is more porous than granite. While also being softer than granite or man-made quartz, the beauty in the event that a honed marble kitchen countertop is stained or scratched, is that it can inexpensively be repaired, while granite or man-made quartz would need costly professional service. The nature of marble is very peaceful to the eye, being a sedimentary stone, probably why Michelangelo was so fascinated by this stone, and why in many of his paintings the sky was actually his vision of Spanish crème marfil marble.  Recommended primarily for bathrooms, marbles and limestones have been specified by discriminating Interior Designers and the affluent for kitchens also. While expedient careful use is the order of the day for this beautiful material, as with granite this material could also outlast the home it’s installed in. Limestone materials should be sealed annually with a natural food-grade sealant.

Price Range & Colour…
While budget is a very important thing to consider, probably the most important thing next to quality to consider is the application! I.e., Is this our dream home? Will we be staying here 2 years or 20 years? If this home is to be sold in a few years, maybe we should be thinking of the perspective buyer and what will help sell the home? I think you should really take these questions seriously. If this is your dream home, then take your time and select wonderful stones that are expressions of the homeowner’s tastes. If this home is to be sold in the next few years, pick what’s hot in the design world, and blends in to your  décor.  The wow factor you and your family wouldenjoy for decades, may appeal to a smaller market segment then a more neutral colour. Now if indeed this is the home your planning on living in for a good while, then lower the purse strings and get the stone you really-really love.

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